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Using the September 22nd 2016 update build with Jay from. Making TWO PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE |. Loading. Play. Visit for general information about the game! Visit yanderedev. Myths using the build! myths is a. Pippi and Ryuto will finally confess their love to each other Catch me live on Twitch. Myths using the update build from September 22nd 2016. Myths using the September 29th build! myths. Using the Feb 20 2018 build! Leave a LIKE for more!

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With Jay from the using the Feb 2 2018 build that features 4. Sorry that the video is so long! In this video i'm Kokona and Riku in. Under pressure challenge video! In this. Myths using the September 24th build! Leave a LIKE if you want the next video ASAP! It'S time to perform the long awaited Elimination Method! There was no. Using the Friendship and Betrayal June 1st 2016 update. Leave a LIKE. Time to win over Senpai in the new update and make smile.

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Update with the gaming club, drama club, cooking club & occult. Myths with Jay from theYan sim myths is a. Game link: REVEALS HER SECRET WHEN SHE'S ALONE. Myths using the Friendship & Betrayl June 1st 2016 update. Pre ORDER YOUR "THAT DUDE" HOODIE Follow me on. Leave a LIKE for more Playlist. Friendship, gossip and bullying October 2015 WHEN BULLYING GOES. Myths. LIKE for more episodes.

Matchmaking yandere simulator kubz scouts at the same time

Highlights/Montage playthrough. I WILL KILL FOR YOUR LOVE |. Myths using the March 17th all clubs build! Playlist. 22 Sep 2016 After a long, long wait, the elimination method is finally implemented! You can All of them, Azzman, etc. They all. Michaela Laws voices Ayano Aishi (a.k.a), Ryoba Aishi, the Lust … actress Michaela Laws, and a parody of the Rival Introduction Video rather than finally add into the game. Embed Tweet. YAN-CHAN KNOWS THE POWER OF LOVE | # #.

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